Why does my payment not match my invoice?
Posted by on 01 May 2015 01:53 PM

...because we operate on a post payment system.

The invoice raised on or around the last day of a month reflects the amount of activity that you have generated during that particular calander month.

The payment you recieve on the 8th of the month is made up of the amounts owed to you that have been paid to Affiliate Future from our Advertisers from previous months.

These payments could, theoretically relate to any previous months invoice and paymnet terms from advertisers will vary dependant on their agreement with Affiliate Future. Our advertisers operate on either Pre-Pay, Direct Debit or Credit Invoice terms. 

We appreciate that this may be confusing until we launch our payment statements which will accompany your payment in the near future.  This will show what your paymnet is made up of and which amounts relate to which invoice that we have raised on your behalf.  

In the meantime, if you require further clarity on your latest payment please raise a ticket and we will provide you a transaction breakdown which can be related back to previous invoices.

We appreciate the importance of the need for a payment statement and these are currently being worked on to launch very shortly.

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