I have not been paid / Missing Payment? Why is this?
Posted by James Little (Import) on 01 May 2015 03:10 PM

This could be a number of reasons:

1. Affiliate Future operates on a post-payment method.  This means we only pay publisher commissions AFTER we have received payment from the end advertiser.  If the advertiser operates on a 'credit account' this may mean an approximate 90 day period from transaction to payment to publisher.

2. Before we are able to make payments to you we do need to ensure that we have all the required information below:

a) The "My Details" section needs to be completed, including your address and phone number.
b) The "My Financial" Details section needs to be completed in full, including your banks address, sort code and account number. If you are an international publisher then you will need to ensure that your swift code and IBAN number are also completed.

It is important that the above details are completed the 6th of each month for payment to be completed.

3. You may not have reached the payment threashold.  The payment threshold is £20 for UK Publishers and £100 for International Publishers.  This is NOT your account balance, but is the cleared funds recieved from Advertisers for transactions you have completed in accordance with our post-payment terms and conditions.

....If you have checked all of the above (and transactions are at least 75 days old) and your balance hasn't dropped then please contact us and we will investigate your query further.

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