Loading Untracked Transactions
Posted by Sam Coleman on 14 June 2016 09:20 AM

Uploading Untracked Transactions.


To upload untracked transactions your account what you will need to do is sign in to your affiliate account, from here select the heading ‘Reporting’ then you have the option to either select:


Untracked Transactions – Upload.

This option allows you to submit a whole list of untracked transactions. What you will need to do is set up an Excel document and then fill in the columns with the headings; Original Transaction Date, Merchant, Sales Reference, Customer Reference, Sales amounts, Expected Commission and notes.

You can also download the template for this by going to the ‘Untracked Transactions – Upload’ page and then selecting ‘Download Template’.

To upload the file select the box ‘Choose File’ and select the correct file.


Untracked Transactions – Add.

This option allows you to add in individual accounts of untracked transactions, what you will need to do is fill in all of the fields. And then click submit.


Untracked Transactions – Reports.

To see a report of all of the untracked transactions what you will need to do once you are at the page is to select the parameters for the dates you want the report to be made for. You can then download the report by selecting the ‘Export to CSV’ option, this will allow you to take the report and send it to who you wish.

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