How do I use the Publisher Reporting tools?
Posted by on 19 February 2018 12:23 PM

To get to the Reports, sign into your affiliate account and go to the Reporting tab on the left hand side.


Commision Analysis:

This is used to show which advertisers you have earnt commission from.

To run this report, simply select the date range, select the desired programmes and click Run Report.


Lapse Time Analysis:

This is used to show how long after a click it is made into a sale.

Select the date range and choose the required programmes from the drop down menu.


Programme performance:

This is used to show how successful certain programmes currently are.

Select the date range and choose the required programmes from the drop down menu.


Cancellation Report:

This shows merchants that have cancelled any transactions, and so too the commission.

Simply select the date range and run the report.


Export Reports:

This shows all about the merchants over the last 365 days.

Choose which report type you wish to export, and select the date range and file format you wish to use.

Click on request report and the report will be generated. This should be downloadable within the next 15 minutes and will show under Completed Exports.


Overview Reports:

This shows your current highest earning merchants.

Select the date range and choose your display options before running the report.


Scheduled Reports:

This allows users to schedule reports either daily, weekly or monthly.

Select Add New Report to create a new report, or choose View All to see current scheduled reports.

After selecting Add New Report, choose which report type you wish to export, and choose the file format and frequency.

Add an email address you wish to send the report too, and click Save.

Untracked Transactions:

If for some reason a merchant's tracking stops working, you may find you have a transaction that has not tracked through the network. You can add an untracked transaction by going to Untracked Transactions - Add.

Make sure that all of the relevant boxes are filled in to ensure the merchant can view all of the transaction details.

The merchant will be notified that the transaction has been uploaded, and will then have to either approve, decline or dispute the untracked transaction.

Untracked Transactions – Upload allows you to submit a whole list of untracked transactions. What you will need to do is set up an Excel document and then fill in the columns with the headings; Original Transaction Date, Merchant, Sales Reference, Customer Reference, Sales amounts, Expected Commission and notes.

You can also download the template for this by going to the ‘Untracked Transactions – Upload’ page and then selecting ‘Download Template’. To upload the file select the box ‘Choose File’ and select the correct file.

You can view a report of your untracked transactions by going to Untracked Transactions - Reports. Here you can see which transactions are still pending for the merchant to action, and which have been approved, declined or disputed.

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